Highlights from my latest comprehensive visit to the vet:

  • I weigh 6.9kg, and vet suggests I eat more! WIN!! 🤩
  • Blood work all good 🪒 ✅
  • Temperature fine 🍑🌡️
  • Heart fine 🫶
  • Urine sample generally good, possible UTI bacteria so two weeks of antibiotics for me 💊
  • Going to try Librela for my osteoarthritis💉
  • And also an Aktivait (or equivalent) for my brain 🤪 and depending on how we get on, maybe Vivitonin. Or not.

All of this because I’ve been doing a bit of pacing, I sometimes get confused (WHO DOESN’T?), a bit limpy, and someone made the carpet damp. IT WASN’T ME. Once or twice. NO WAY. NOT ME.